High speed air blower

Programme overview


Main control chip: LCM32F037K6T8 (LQFP32) + half-bridge IPM (low cost)
Voltage range: AC 220 V
Speed range: 30 000 ~110 000 r/min
Power range: 150 W
Control mode: non-inductive FOC closed-loop starting operation + heating wire temperature control and protection
Advantages of the scheme: closed-loop fast start, high-speed stable operation, low noise, optimal efficiency control, low cost, rich version, EMC testing

Scheme block diagram

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experimental result


Starting current waveform


Steady state operating current waveform

Development learning & mass production kit

- Application package -
  • Schematic diagram of mass production
  • Mass production PCB diagram
  • Debugging documentation
  • Mass production board purchase

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